Help has developed its site to accommodate a swift search–find–and purchase process that interacts with multiple "Punch–Out" or "Round–Trip" software Including Ariba, SAP's E–pro, PerfectCommerce, SciQuest, Oracle's iProcurement and many mid sized packages as well. Additionally, has developed its own managerial approval system and accounting information capture process to provide its clients with state–of–the–art back end interfaces. Our site contains over 18 million products, books, subscriptions, multimedia, audio/video and database products all at competitive prices while maintaining a higher level of personal customer service than any site of its kind.

To search for products including books, newspapers, periodicals, government documents, audio, or video, enter keywords/author/ISBN or Subject in the bar in the header, then click "Search".

If you do not find a product on our site a form should appear that prompts you for information on the product you are looking for. Please complete the information and submit the form. Our research team will act on your request immediately and email you the information once the product is added to our database. This can often be done in minutes, though some products do take a little longer to research. In either case you will be notified within a few hours that we have received your request.

An order confirmation will follow within 24 hours via email.

Each client site is customized specifically for that company or agency so there may be other images that contain additional services. If you require additional services and you do not see them displayed on your site, please contact our office at 800–986–1775 and let us know what your requirements are. We will be happy to provide any services or products authorized by your administration.